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Kentucky Derby Party: Menu

If you've wanted a sign to host a Kentucky Derby part, here it is!!! Last year I put together a party for my cousins and aunts in Chicago and I have to admit, it was a blast. It's rare to get the ladies of my family together, so it was a fun way to have some time away from the men and little ones. Plus it was my first time hosting them at my condo... even though I moved here back in May 2017! In true Jacqueline fashion I went a *little* extra for the party and decided to make everything from scratch... and Kentucky themed. Clearly I love to cook and bake but we don't have people over enough, so it was a fun opportunity for me to go all out and make a ton of dishes. While I did end up doing some food prep during the party (I wanted the sliders to be eaten warm), everything else was prepared in advance—either in the days leading up to the party or the morning of. So that way I was also able to enjoy the party myself instead of cooking the whole time. I also made cocktails to

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