SAMMS cake commision, part duex

I already posted the science decorations I made for the SAMMS cake and cupcakes. Tuesday it was time to bake everything! After 4+ hours of straight baking I managed to complete:
* 3 dozen cupcakes
* 2 six-inch cakes
* cups and cups of frosting.

I did not manage to complete my 2034023 dirty dishes b/c our stupid dishwasher is still broken.

Eggs and flour and butter and vanilla and sugar and chocolate and deliciousness.............
The recipes I made were:
* Dark chocolate cupcakes from Cooks Illustrated (which came out UN-freaking-believable!)
* Yellow cupcakes from Cooks Illustrated (meh, I didn't love them. Not bad, but not as spongy or tender as I would have liked. Plus the top got too crusty for my taste.)
* Hershey's easy chocolate cake. For an ease:taste ratio, this recipe is a winner.

I baked a lot so I don't have pics of all the recipes. Plus, most baking pics are pretty boring. But there were some amazing sights... Plus you've gotta check out the final product!

An egg with some milk and oil. It just looked so cool!

Chocolate and butter are delicious. Chocolate and butter together is orgasmic :)

I have a thing for swirly patterns in food. Pretty!

I could have eaten the batter by the spoon full. Licked the spatula clean...

Fully decorated cupcakes!

Completed cake

Cake setup at the SAMMS poster session


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