DIY mousepad

What do you do when the mouse pad that your brother gave you back when you started college 16 years ago is beyond dingy, but you're too cheap to buy a new one?? Just make your own!

How exactly did I make my own mouse pad? I Googled "DIY mousepad," saw a bunch of really neat ideas, decided to go with the glue method, grabbed my mod podge and some cool fabric (that I was supposed to use to sew my best-friend's baby a dress but never managed to), and got to crafting!

Yes, it's a totally cheesy mouse pad and it was super gross after all those years of use.
This blog has a great step-by-step tutorial, but basically you paint some mod podge on the front of the mouse pad, lay your fabric on top, and let it dry for 30 minutes (under a stack of books helps). Then repeat the same on the back to seal up the edges.

And viola!

Don't use tooooo much glue though (as I did in a few spots). Just a light layer is enough.

Looks pretty swanky on my new desk space, right?!?!

Happy crafting!


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