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Ultimate Lemon Bars

My obsession with lemon desserts (and citrus and orange and lime) is well documented on the blog. I've got cookies and cakes and curds and pies and tarts. I even have *two* lemon bar recipes (along with an awesome lemon tart).

So why in the world would we need another lemon bar recipe?!?

Because these are the lemoniest, most citrusy, amazing lemon bars you've had.

A few things in particular make these lemon bars stand out.

The filling-to-crust ratio was absolutely perfect. It wasn't one of those anemic lemon bars with a thin layer of filling on top of a giant crust. And the crust didn't crumble against the weight of the filling either. The crust was just thick enough to not only hold up to the lemon physically, but texturally as well. It was juuuuuust the right amount of fat to provide that deliciously buttery crust that compliments lemon so well.

The lemon was LEMON-Y! This isn't one of those sickly sweet lemon bars that taste like a mouthful of sugar wi…

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