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Trout braised with caramel, celery, and fish sauce

As many of you may know, love of Thai food runs deep in my veins. (I have more entries for Thai or Thai-inspired dishes on my Recipe List page than Assyrian ones!) So for a long time the encyclopedic cookbook Thai Food by David Thompson was on my wish list. But the $40 list price put me off for a while, until I magically found it at a used book store!

I love perusing the (600+ page!) book and being blown away by the ingredients and unique recipes/combinations of flavors. One day I'll eventually to sit down and read the 100 pages of Thailand history and 50 pages of ingredient descriptions, but for now skimming this book for recipes is pure entertainment. I just wish the book had more pictures, as it's difficult to picture exactly what the final dish looks like.

One of the recipes that does have a photograph is this fish braised in sweetened fish sauce.

I'm usually not a fan of sweet and savory, but this fish was incredible. Sure, it was a touch sweet for my taste, but it&#…

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