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40th Birthday Geode Cake

I started this blog when I was 29. Two days ago I turned 40.

I don't even know how to process that information...

So instead of thinking about it, I decided to tackle a big cake project for my V-day B-day! I'd been wanting to attempt a geode cake for a long while, so this was the perfect excuse to decorate a larger 2-tiered cake.

The next question was what color theme would I go with? Geode cakes already have a tendency to look a bit... ummm... shall we say Georgia O'Keeffe-esque? So a pink-hued cake was out. My birthstone is amethyst, which would have looked beautiful as well, but I'm much more drawn to blues and teals as of late.

I realized after the fact that my cake had a striking similarity to the large painting I made for our dining room!

The cake may look complicated, but it was actually quite straightforward (and took wayyyy less time than the actual cake baking/assembly)!

The decorations are simply colored rock candy, edible gold paint around the edges of the…

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