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Lentils and quinoa with coconut curry

Like everyone else, I've been doing a lot more pantry cooking these days (you know, pandemic living and all). I've found that making a big pot of lentils on the weekend is perfect for weekday lunches.

This recipe for lentil soup with lemon and mint is probably my all time favorite, but I've got some other good recipes on the blog, including creamy lentils (sans cream), sausage and swiss chard soup, Indian-spiced lentils, and one I made with black lentils (no real recipe).

Well here's another lentil dish to add the list. It's Thai-inspired and adds another source of shelf-stable protein: quinoa.

Forgive my semi-sad photos, as I didn't have cilantro on hand to make this extra colorful and flavorful. But like everyone else, we're just getting by with what we have!

Lentils and quinoa with coconut curry, adapted from Half Baked Harvest
The original recipe takes it up a few extra notches with mango and kale and cilantro/basil and yogurt. I kept mine simple, but che…

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