Monday, February 16, 2009

Time warp: First Wilton cake

So for the next few weeks I'll actually be posting a lot of older stuff. Up until now, all my cake (and more recently cooking) adventures have been documented on livejournal ( along with random musings from yours truly.

I'll continue my livejournal postings because I love the feedback and sharing nature from the communities on the website. But I also wanted this blog to contain all those previous posts as well. I may not get ALL my pictures up for everything I've done. But you can catch those here:

So without further ado... my first official decorated cake:

Interested in more pics??

As written in my original post:

I’m super happy with the results. Its funny b/c the stars get better and better as you go down the rainbow (I started with the red). But as hypercritical as I always am of my own work I LOVE this cake. I can’t take credit for the design because I modified the rainbow pattern from the Course I book. I guess I’m inherently opposed to a rainbow with only FOUR colors. But hey, I can’t be creative AND learn at the same time.

Rainbow closeup

Bottom detail


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