Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to my food blog!

Welcome to my food blog!!!

My best friend Sommer gave me shit when she found out I wanted to start a food blog. Rightfully so, because in the next 5 months I have to (1) write up my paper compiling 4 years worth of data, (2) find a job in the shittiest economy in years, (3) write my thesis and (4) give a talk defending my thesis. When I actually sit down and think about everything I have to do I start to freak out- big time!

So why start this blog now? Well, everything I mentioned above stresses me out and makes me an unhappy mess. Right now food is the major calming factor in my life. Cooking, baking and cake decorating bring me comfort and stability when I have none. And its not so much eating the food, its producing it. The physical act is almost meditative for me: I put on my music and just start working.

One might say its almost like labwork. You follow instructions and troubleshoot when things go wrong. In that case, especially with baking, yes, its almost like labwork... ALMOST being the operative word in that sentence.

I can slave away in lab for weeks, even months, and have nothing tangible to show for it. That's when I feel that my life = FAIL! In the kitchen its always gratifying because I can LOOK at something, TOUCH it, SMELL it, TASTE it. And I can HEAR and SEE people's reactions: horror, joy, whimsy, pleasure, appreciation, shock, etc. Whatever their reaction is its a reaction to something I've created. For me, that's when life does NOT = FAIL, even if a certain recipe fails.

I don't know why people's reactions are so important to me. I've always been the type of person that likes to cook for others. (I think that's why I've taken to cake decorating as much as I have. It's not only a creative outlet for me, its something I can share with people.) But if I don't have someone to share my food with it takes most of the joy of cooking away. So this is my way of sharing!

Obviously the next handfull of months are going to be busy. But a girls gotta eat! So a girls gonna post...



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best blog evar!!

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