Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guinness chocolate cake

I made/decorated a cake for a friend's birthday, which just happens to fall on St. Patty's Day. What better excuse for me to make the Guinness chocolate cake that I've been dying to try for months!?!

I was originally going to make an Irish car bomb cake (with Bailey's and Jameson frosting) but he mentioned once that he wasn't a fan of the Irish car bomb so I just made it with regular (Italian Meringue buttercream) frosting. This post will be dedicated to baking the cake. The next post will reveal my masterpiece! (Stay tuned...)

Time to get everything ready!



What we gonna do with all that beer?!? Pour it over the butter!!

Simmer the butter and Guinness until melted (simma-down-na)

What to do while the butter is melting? Well I can't let all that extra Guinness go to waste. Drinkey time. (I don't really like beer but I have to admit it was pretty delicious.)

Look, its the equivalent of a man's wet dream: beer and fat.

Now its time to add a shit-ton of cocoa powder to the beer-butter mixture (beeter?)

Whisk it in until its nice and smooth. Chill the mixture.

While the chocolate is chillin' prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Mix the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Its a LOT of flour. Look at my GIANT bowl

Put the eggs and sour cream into a mixing bowl. Damn the egg does NOT wanna break!

The egg cannot withstand my mixer though. It will BEAT you!

Now add the cooled chocolate mixture to the sour cream/eggs. I can't get over how pretty it is.

Time to add the flour. Man I make the biggest mess even WITH my flour guard.

Holy crap its a lotta batter!

Fizzy beer batter

Sadly there are no more pictures :( I divided the batter among three pans (its supposed to be three 8" pans but I only had two 9" pans and one 8" pan.) Bake until done!

Verdict: The beer flavor was very strong that day. But by the next day it was quite mellow. And since I made the cake a few days in advance by the time we ate the cake you could barely taste the beer (if at all). But the cake was a very moist, somewhat dense (but not heavy) and perfectly sweet cake (i.e. not too sweet). Success!!

Just wait till you see how it was decorated...



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