Sunday, March 1, 2009

Indian Pizza at Zante's

What happens when you cross a pizza with some Indian food?!? Indian pizza!!

To celebrate two friends' birthdays we went to Zante's Pizza in San Francisco this weekend ( Now when I first heard the term Indian pizza I was picturing some naan bread, coated with some butter chicken or spinach sauce, and giant chunks of meat with some cheese. I was close, but not quite.

Are you ready to experience Zante's Indian pizza?!?

We ended up ordering both the veggie and meat pizza (chicken, lamb, shrimp). Honestly, I could have gone without the shrimp on the meat pizza, but both were DELICIOUS

Interested to see what it looks like?!?

First, a mango lassi. It was quite orange, and I'm pretty sure I tasted carrots as well, so it was likely a mango-carrot lassi. Delicious!

Onto the pizza. (This is the meat version.) As you can see, the bread is actually Italian style pizza. Instead of tomato sauce they used some spinach sauce and who-knows what else. The meat was chopped up pretty small, not big chunkers like I expected.

The flavor was really amazing. Honestly I couldn't pick out any one spice/flavor/dish in my mouth. It was like perfectly blended, cheesy, spicy goodness. mmmmmmmm.

Closeup of the meat pizza

Equally good was the veggie pizza

(Sorry for the crappy photos. Not the best lighting at the hole-in-the-wall)



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