Sunday, March 1, 2009

Microwaved popcorn

A while back I was watching Alton Brown and he described how you could easily make popcorn in the microwave with just a brown sandwich bag. Who knew?!?! I feel like Orville Redenbacher has been lying to us all these years, leading us to believe that they were doing something magical to allow this process to happen.

Since that moment of revelation I've often reached for my sandwich bags to provide me with a delicious and healthy snack. But plain old popcorn is way too boring for me. And as much as I love butter, I prefer to keep my waistline smaller than Paula Dean's. So how to flavor the popcorn?

For a while I was using Butter Buds and they do a pretty good job of giving a fake (but oddly good) buttery flavor. Then I moved on to oil spritzed popcorn tossed with za'atar (I'll include those pics at the end of this post) for Middle eastern style popcorn.

And then this weekend I had a revelation!

Franks Red Hot Buffalo wing sauce popcorn?!? Ohhhhhh yes. Wanna see how its made??

Get in my belleh!

First get 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels.

Pour into a paper sandwich bag and fold the bag over 2-3 times (leaving plenty of room for the popped popcorn).

Microwave for ~2.5 minutes, or until there's no more than a few seconds between pops (I stole this rule from the purchased microwavable popcorn... sticking it to the man!)

Put in a bowl and drizzle with Buffalo wing sauce.

Toss to coat. And enjoy!!

So how does it taste?!? Like a freaking chicken wing in your mouth- without the chicken... or grease. Totally hits the spot!

For another variation, use Za'atar (can be found in your local Middle Eastern market)

Just spritz the popcorn with olive oil (I have a handy oil spritzer which lightly coats the popcorn in oil) and toss with the Za'atar spice.

Hmmmm, I'm not too creative so I'm always open to suggestions. What other spices would you toss it with?!?



Christina said...

My favorite is dill, roasted garlic, brewer's yeast and olive oil. OMG delicious.

Danny B said...

Sounds good. Try it with Tapatio with a tiny bit of lime juice. I know, I should've been born a Mexican.

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