Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chicago-style hot dog...errr... polish

As many of you know I'm a pretty die-hard Chicagoan. And one thing I love about the city is the food. I know SF has a lot of great food, but unfortunately I'm living in Palo Alto, surburbian bliss. So places like hole-in-the-walls and awesomely delicious greasy joints aren't the norm around here.

One thing in particular I miss from Chicago are their hot dogs and deep-dish pizza. (Although I've heard Berkeley has deep-dish that rivals the best from Chicago...) When it comes to deep-dish I'm very particular about where I'm getting it from (the best I've had is this independently owned place called Pequods, but Giordano's is a solidly delicious chain.) But when it comes to hot dogs I'm not all that particular. The only stipulation: it HAS to be made from Vienna Beef.

If you don't see "Vienna Beef" written underneath the sign like this... move on.

Now if you don't know, Chicago style hot dogs are a very specific thing; it even has its own Wikipedia entry! What makes it so unique are (1) Vienna Beef and (2) the toppings.
* Steamed poppy seed hot dog bun
* All beef hot dog (steamed)
* Yellow mustard
* Chopped white onion (raw)
* Sweet (Neon green) relish
* Hot peppers
* Tomato wedges
* Crisp kosher dill pickle spear
* Dash of celery salt

I'm not a giant fan of sweet relish (I prefer the dill relish) but the last time I was home I decided to get the whole shebang (well, minus the hot peppers). And eaten together its absolutely amazing. The only thing that I change is that I actually never get the hot dog. I'm a Polish sausage kinda girl. I feel like the polish tastes like what a hot dog SHOULD taste like. Its thicker and meatier and char-broiled and snaps when you bite into it (ughhhh, I hope that's NOT what she said...)

I mean just look at this!

And a closeup of all the fixins. mmmmmmmmmm.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face....


Jeanne said...

One of the reasons why I go to Wrigley is for the hot dogs. Have you ever tried Hot Doug's? We'll have to go there when you get back. Also, how could you not mention Lou Malnati's or Uno's as places for incredible deep dish pizza??? I'm seriously offended. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to check out a spot I have grown to love. There is a place in San Mateo called Windy City Pizza. It has all the great Chicago decorations, is the official Bears fan spot to watch all the Bears games, and they even have Italian Beef! It isn't as great as being in Chicago, but I think you would like it! It is on Hwy 92 off of the El Camino North exit make a left on Borel and left into the shopping strip mall. They have pretty good BBQ too! Let me know if you check it out!
FYI I think Giordanos is my favorite. I've been to many spots when I go to Chicago and I know you're a native.

Anonymous said...

This is Marky by the way =) GO BEARS!!!

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