Saturday, September 12, 2009

Banana trick

Have you ever gone to eat a banana and ended up with a significant amount of banana mush in your hands b/c the fu@king little handle part that you use to crack open the banana won't break?? You sit there and just bend it back and forth, back and forth, determined to eat your damn banana, but it just won't give! In the end you have to use your nails (in my case: teeth) to break the banana skin. But by then you've messed with it so much you end up with a healthy 2 inches of banana mush at the top of your delicious snack. Banana fail!

We've all had this happen, but now you can avoid this banana travesty forever. How you ask?

Well, apparently humans messed something up along the evolutionary way because monkeys have a much more efficient way to open the banana. They like to pinch the bottom [that's what he said!]. But seriously, all you have to do is pinch the bottom portion and it easily splits. Then just remove the peel and viola, a perfectly unadulterated banana.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Here, we have a banana.

See the bottom part, go ahead and pinch it. ;)

As you can see, it easily splits

Now just peel it like you normally would

The other cool thing about this method: it seems to get rid of more of those annoying stringy things on the banana. This may be a purely anecdotal observation (it hasn't been rigorously tested) but I swear it's true!

mmmmmm, bananas...



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