Friday, September 25, 2009

Pizza Fail

Have you ever read GraphJam or FailBlog? Hands down, some of the funniest websites on the web.

So why do I bring up Fail Blog on my cooking blog? Well, sometimes Jackie + cooking = fail.

I know, it's shocking to you that everything I touch does not turn to gold. But once in a blue moon my awesomeness fades and failure ensues. :)

So for the first time on Food-ology, I present to you (drum roll please)... Fail-ology!:

I love pizza. I mean who doesn't freaking love pizza?!?

Although I'm from Chicago (and love myself some deep dish) I'm not really picky about what kind of pizza I'm eating. Thin crust, thick crust, deep dish, pan pizza, brick-oven pizza, whatever it is I don't really care as long as it's delicious.

So once in a while I like to make the pizza at home. Homemade pizza by me is actually "homemade" pizza, because I get the raw dough, pizza sauce and cheese all from Trader Joes. But whatever, I have to put it all together so that makes it homemade. And it's seriously delicious, better than any take-out you'll get. (Trader Joes makes a mean pizza dough...)

As a side note, I highly recommend using a pizza stone if you're planning on making pizza at home. I got a cheap-ass one from Target that works great. Well, worked great until I burned/cracked it in my oven (note: do not turn on the broiler and forget your tortilla on it for 15 minutes). I seriously need to get a replacement because the crust you get on your pizza with a stone is seriously unmatched. No pan will give you that same crusty outside and soft inside like a pizza stone will.

Anyways, I digress. Back to pizza. The other day I had a craving for pizza and had everything on hand for a delicious dinner, sans pizza stone of course. So instead I used this old "pizza pan" I had laying around (a round sheet with these teeny holes in it). I know the crust wouldn't be as good compared to the stone but it'd be fine.

And it was fine. I mean this looks pretty freaking delicious, doesn't it?!?

And it would have been... had I remembered to use enough flour on my pan.

After about 5+ minutes of scraping this is what was left on the pan:

And this is what I had to eat for dinner that night...

FYI, pile of bread + cheese does NOT equal pizza. :( I forgot that when you use a pizza pan you need a lot more flour than when you use a pizza stone! Ugh, pizza fail by yours truly!



Ms. Humble said...

You're right! I do feel better :)

This is so funny. I love the 'fail-ology'.

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