Sunday, December 20, 2009

Teeny fruit is so damn cute

There's this European style market around here called Milk Pail that is awesome. It's super cheap, super delicious, and they always have such a cool variety of stuff.

For instance, they sell smaller avocados by the lb (vs. a certain price each). The reason I like to buy them is that they are the PERFECT size for a single serving. You can eat the whole thing without feeling like a complete fat-ass. But the other day though I came across a particularly small one.

I mean seriously, look at this thing. It's barely bigger than a (large) cherry tomato!!

And look at the seed. SO TINY!!!!

A while later I managed to find teeny little artichokes there too. (It looks shiny b/c its covered in oil and dressing. mmmmmmm, delicious)

It's like a little flower

Small fruit/veggies are just too damn cute, I had to share.



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