Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving: Cranberry sauce

I can't talk smack about canned cranberry sauce. I grew up on the jellied kind. You know, the kind that perfectly maintains its ridges even after you pop it out of the can. I loved those ridges- told you exactly where to cut your cranberry jelly!

But there's nothing quite like fresh cranberry sauce. I can literally eat the whole thing like a snack. Who needs applesauce when you can have cranberry sauce?!?

Most of the recipes out there are fairly standard, so I used one from SweetSavoryLife that looked really good and not overly complicated. What I especially liked about her recipe was the use of brown sugar vs. the regular stuff. http://savorysweetlife.com/2009/11/simple-and-amazing-cranberry-sauce-recipe/

Throw in cranberries, orange juice and sugar into a pot. Heat on medium heat until thickened. Done.

Seriously easy! No step-by-step needed. But I'll include some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Sweet and tart deliciousness, come to mamma. mmmmmmmmm.

Here we have one 12 oz package cranberries, 3/4 cup orange juice and 2/3 cup brown sugar.

I held off on the remaining 1/3 cup white sugar because I don't like my cranberry sauce super sweet. I'd suggest doing the same; that way you can add as much/little of the remaining 1/3 cup sugar toward the end.

Heating up. You can see some cranberries are starting to pop.

Getting there...

For some reason they get foamy as they heat up. Not sure why. But it still has a way to go.

I let mine simmer for a while until I was happy with the consistency. But it depends if you like it runnier or thicker (I like it thicker). Simmer for as long/little as you want.

You can also add some orange zest if you've got some laying around. Ahhhh, THIS is what I'm talking about.

Recipe, adapted from Sweet Savory Life

Makes approximately 2 cups


12 oz bag fresh cranberries
3/4 cup orange juice
2/3 cup brown sugar
Optional: 1/3 cup white sugar
Optional: 2 oz gold rum
Optional: orange zest


Place all the ingredients in a sauce pan and cook on medium/ medium-high for 15-20 (or more) minutes or until most of the liquid has reduced, stirring occasional. Add additional 1/3 cup sugar if using. When done, remove from heat and add rum and orange zest, if using. Serve or store for days in the fridge. Bring to room temperature or heat slightly before serving.


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