Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fresh passion fruit

Passion fruit is one of my most favorite foods ever.

But I've had real (fresh) passion fruit only once before in my entire lift. In Hawaii, with my mom, almost 10 years ago. We couldn't find it anywhere, until we went to some forest preserve type place. My mom started chatting with a worker there about how she's was dying to try fresh passion fruit and we couldn't find it anywhere and is there a place he could suggest we find some. That's when he replied with: "Wait here!" and he hopped onto his golf cart.

Less than 5 minutes later he was back, fresh passion fruit in hand. We sliced it open and ate it right there and it was un-freaking-believable. The inside is made up of little pockets of wet pulpiness surrounding little black seeds. With one slurp you could eat an entire half of the fruit. So tangy and tart and soooooooooooo good.

But passion fruit apparently spoils quite quickly so it's hard to find in stores, even in Hawaii.

And then, while doing my grocery shopping for the week at this European style market I saw them: PASSIONFRUIT.

I just about screamed. And although they were $2 a pop I bought 3. (OK, that's not a crazy splurge, but I didn't even know how they'd be, and $6 for such small fruit is risky for me.)

So how were they? Pretty awesome. Not quite as amazing as what I had in Hawaii, but awesome nonetheless.

I *tried* to savor the one I ate as much as I could. So it was gone in 34 seconds versus 3.4 seconds.

Before being attacked by an all-too-excited Jackie (see how juicy it is? the liquid can't even contain itself!)

And after:

Isn't it so cool looking??  I've eaten a vegetable from space before, but this is the first fruit from space I've had.

I just wish they weren't so damn expensive. Otherwise I'd make every single delicious passion fruit recipe I could get my hands on.

Buen Provecho,


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