Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have some new goals now whenever I go grocery shopping.

1. Make sure you have a clear idea of the recipes you want to make for the week and write down the appropriate ingredients you will need to get for said recipes.

2. Always try to throw in some fresh veggies/ side dishes in the mix. Those can be more spontaneous, depending on whats in season.

3. Always try to throw in some fresh fruit in the mix. They can be spontaneous, also depending on the season, but I always get some of my go-to fruits (apple, banana, oranges, grapefruit)

4. Get something new and crazy every time. This can be a different kind of cheese, or fruit or veggie.

It helps that I do most my shopping at this smaller place called The Milk Pail, which describes itself as a European style market. It's always packed with people and causes my blood pressure to go up a few points, but its worth it because its cheap and they have a great selection of stuff.

Plus, they always get these random and cool foods.

This weekend I saw starfruit.  I've heard of it before but never tried it.  So following rule #4 above, I bought it.

On its side

Why is it called a star-fruit? Well, no explanation needed really.

So purty! Here's the whole thing sliced up, from head to toe...

... and stacked for a starfruit tree.

So what does it taste like?? I dunno, hard to describe.  It's texture reminds me a bit of a less dense apple, almost like a grape and an apple cross. Not bad actually.  Didn't absolutely love it (i.e. I won't go hunting it down any chance I get), but it was good.

And pretty.




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