Friday, June 3, 2011

Civil Unions in Illinois

I'm proud to say I saw history in the making

Wednesday, June 1
Illinois allows same sex couples to apply for civil unions.

Thursday, June 2
35 couples are joined together at Millenium Park in Chicago, after waiting the requisite 24 hours after applying for their license to participate in a ceremony.

I don't consider myself a "direct" member in the LGBT community, but I do have friends that are, and I do consider myself a believer in equality. So in light of my lack of a day job, I decided to go to Millenium Park in downtown Chicago and watch this historic event in person.

I hope to one day tell my kids: "Back in my day, people of the same sex weren't allowed to get married. But I was there the day the state of Illinois took a small step in the right direction."

And hopefully, we'll continue to take more steps in the right direction until everyone is given all the rights they deserve.

Yours in being free to choose the one you love,

And now, a few photos of the big day.

Private ceremonies being performed at the edge of Millenium Park 

Thrown flower petals were the theme of the day... well as love!

And just a cool pic I wanted to share from the Art Institute gardens.


Mara said...

This all makes me SO incredibly happy... I never thought we'd see the day!

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