Friday, June 10, 2011

Going away cake

Yes folks, another cake.

This is what happens when you're (a) unemployed and (b) living with your parents and have an endless supply of (free) food.

But I miss cooking for myself. Unfortunately, it's pretty impossible to do my own grocery shopping/cooking while sharing a kitchen and fridge and living space with my folks. I definitely need to find a job ASAP so I can start my normal routine again. (Anyone have any ideas for a bio Ph.D?!) But my mom makes yummy food, so I'm not *totally* complaining. Just a little bit...

But I have managed to keep myself (semi) sane and have taken on a lot more baking and cake decorating. Like this going away cake.

My dad's coworker is leaving his company so he asked me to make a going away cake for her. I know absolutely nothing about her, but with this nice warm weather we've been having and tons of rain, Chicago is in full bloom, so I was inspired to make a springy, girly cake.

Flower closeup.

I've also been playing around a lot more with my camera/Lightroom-- which has been fun trying to get better photographs.

Unfortunately, I was an idiot and left my ISO setting on 3200 and didn't realize it until now. Grrrrrr. So my gorgeous cake has been reduced to crappy, grainy photos.

Individually applied blades of grass. It took quite a while to complete on the 12" cake, 
but it was totally worth it! Really brought the whole thing together and gave it a nice 3D feel.

But I will continue to subject you to these photos because my cake was pretty and they're the only ones I have.

View from the right hand side with the cascading small flowers.

And a closeup of the small flowers and grass border.

I wish I had a recipe to share with this cake, but unfortunately, it was a tiny bit of a disaster. The cake tasted delicious but totally fell in the middle and side. Ugh, that's what I get for trying another cake recipe from The Cake Bible. (Although in all fairness I may have caused the fall myself) But I've had such bad luck with her cakes. They taste good, but they either fall and/or are SUPER crumbly and do not lend themselves well to being torted (cut in half) to be filled.

Ahhhh well, you don't learn unless you experiment, right?

Yours in sending off people in style,


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