Sunday, July 10, 2011

Olivia cake

My cousin's daughter turned two this past weekend and I decided to bake them up a little present for the party.

It's Olivia!

Jaelyn looooooves going to the pool and flip flops and summertime, so of course we had to make it an Olivia at the beach cake.

Surfs up!

I think I'd only heard of Olivia once before, but apparently lots of kids love these books. I didn't really know what I was doing, but came up with the idea for the cake using this cake as inspiration + this photo from Jaelyn's Olivia book:


(Cake from chocmocakes)

I have to admit, as I started hand sculpting the Olivia character she looked really weird at first. I mean really messed up looking. Alien like. But then I decided that I'd done all I could and put the ears on, hoping for the best... And viola, I had a pig! And a pretty darn cute one at that.

But this post isn't only about the cake. It's about the birthday girl!

Jaelyn and Olivia having a special moment.

...and how excited she got when we all started singing Happy Birthday to her.

...and how she loved Olivia.

...and how she and her little friends LOOOOOVED the cake!

mmmm, fondant

They seriously pigged out on fondant for a few minutes before we figured it was time to cut the cake and let the adults enjoy some of it too!
Get after it girls!

Which we did! (Recipes to come soon...)

Yours in celebrating summer with family and food,


Stacey said...

She's soo cute! Awesome cake, too. I bet it's a great feeling to see your creation bring someone so much joy. :)

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