Monday, May 21, 2012

Engagement shower cake

One. Month. Hiatus.

I'm sorry- I've been away from this blog for quite a while haven't I?? It's been a good month though, as I've mostly just been inundated with happy events (wedding shower, 1st birthday, baptism, mother's day/ uncle's 70th birthday). Celebrating life's milestones are time consuming enough, but for me, big family/friend events are usually paired with something that sucks up even more of my time: cake making!

I've literally made 3 very large cakes in the 4 weekends since my last blog post. Each cake takes me, on average, 12 or so hours. So add that to my full-time job (and the excessive number of dates I've been going on thanks to online dating), and I pretty much had no energy to blog, cook, or do anything else.

But as is always the case with this blog, it hits you with either floods and droughts. So be prepared to get a little wet these days...

The first of my 3 cakes was made for my cousin and his wife-to-be (Sabrina). Since they're both Assyrian, just their wedding shower had over 100 people, so I offered my services to make their cake (or as I like to call it, their mini wedding cake). This was a 12"/9"/6" cake inspired by her wedding colors (purple and champagne) and this picture:

As I made a wedding cake with a ton of roses on it relatively recently, I wanted to do something different. So I just made up my own flower!

I actually didn't love it alllll that much, but everyone else, including Sabrina, seemed to genuinely like it. If the bride-to-be is happy, well then, so am I.

As great as it was celebrating their wedding shower with all of our families combined, I'm most excited for their wedding. My cousin couldn't have found a more amazing woman and we're all excited to officially welcome her to our crazy family. And it'll be the first time since I don't know how many years (well over 10 I'd say) that all my cousins and their kids will be in the same place together all at the same time... all 17 of us!

Yours in expanding my family, and waistline, with cake!

I really don't have much as far as recipes to share with you this time. The middle cake was yellow cake with lemon curd and swiss meringue buttercream filling. The other 2 were chocolate with ganache filling. My ganache was a bit on the hard side, as I followed the recipe for making chocolate truffles (1/4 cup cream for every 2 oz chocolate). It was beyond delicious, but I'd suggest adding a bit more cream, or perhaps even some butter, so that the gananche is a bit softer on the fork when cutting through the cake.


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