Monday, February 25, 2013

Fall wreath with DIY rosette flowers

I live in an apartment complex, but that doesn't mean I can't have a nice wreath outside my door! For many months last spring and summer I was rocking this wreath:

I made this entire wreath from a Nordstrom catalog sent in the mail. 

I absolutely love this wreath, but when the weather outside started to change I felt it was time to transition to a fall/winter wreath. And this wreath was born:

The best part- just like my last wreath, this project cost me a whopping zero dollars. I made the frame from a single rectangular piece of styrofoam I had laying around. And the flowers I made from fabric scraps I had. Obviously a glue gun (and glue) costs some money, along with my initial purchases, but I literally have everything on hand in my apartment when I made this wreath. It it looks a lot nicer than a $0 wreath, if I do say so myself.

My favorite part was these rosette flowers. I found this great, simple tutorial online for making flowers out of fabric using just a glue gun. She has photographed step-by-step photos of the process, which are very detailed and clear, so I highly recommend checking out her site if you're interested in making similar rosettes.

So how did this whole project come together? Well first thing you need is a frame for your wreath. I could have gone to a store and bought one- but what fun would that be??

Instead, I found a piece of styrofoam that I cut into 4 pieces. After arranging the pieces and taping them together, you get this:

I then covered the square in a piece of neutral fabric. Next up was the issue of decorations. I raided my fabric scraps for ones that I felt were the most "fall-ish" and literally threw them on the ground.

Originally I was planning on covering the entire wreath with mini rosettes of various colors. But when I started placing them on the wreath to see what it looked like I didn't like how contrast-y and hodge podge-y the whole thing looked. It was cute, but a bit messy (aesthetically). So in the end I didn't end up using all the fabric, but instead chose fabric that I thought complemented each other nicely. I also ended up making green rosette leaves (which I simply formed into the shape of a leaf instead of a circle) to bring a bit of brightness and vitality into the fall wreath.
Differing colors and sizes of fall flowers complement each other nicely
A bit of green adds the contrasting touch.

I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE how the final product came out! I'll be a little sad when I have to pack up this wreath and swap it for my springtime one, but I won't be sad to miss wintertime adiou!

Yours in turning the changing seasons into changing wreaths,


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