Monday, February 25, 2013

Roasted grapes with goat cheese and thyme

Everyone out there knows (and hopefully loves) grapes. They're a bright pop of flavor with combinations of tart, sweet, and crunch (ideally).

Now try to imagine that flavor roasted in the oven.

The thing is, you can't imagine the flavor. You can't possibly picture how complex the flavor becomes. How buttery and tender the grapes feel in your mouth. How sweet the caramelized sugars taste. So instead of trying to imagine that flavor- just go ahead and roast some grapes so you can experience this unique flavor. Please, please do. It's amazing. And completely unexpected!

Now what exactly to do with your roasted grapes? Well, you could simply eat them for dessert. Or use them on top of a salad. Or do what I did, and combine the grapes with some cheese for a fabulous appetizer.

There were two recipes that inspired me: this roasted grape and brie cheese crostini, topped with honey and sea salt and this sauteed grapes with thyme over goat cheese toasts. (Check 'em out!)

In the end I did a little bit of a hybrid recipe: roasted grapes with thyme and honey goat cheese (I bought it pre-made, but feel free to make your own). Instead of putting it on individual toasts, I simply mixed the cheese + grapes + thyme together on a plate. Bring a side of crackers or toasts for people to serve themselves as much cheese as they like.

I really don't have an exact recipe for this dish, so feel free to play around 
and get adventurous with your cheese and herbs. 

To prepare the grapes: simply place your grapes (drizzled with olive oil if you like) on a nonstick baking sheet and roast for about 15 minutes @ 400 degrees F, or until the grapes start to shrivel and brown a bit. Set aside to cool. In the meantime get your cheese ready. If you're using goat cheese simply break it apart on a plate. If using brie it might be nice to cut big chunkers of it and place on top of individual toasts and bake for ~10 inutes (@ 400 degrees F). Then simply top your cheese with grapes and herbs and/or honey, if you like.

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