Sunday, May 11, 2014

Baby shower cakes--girl and boy

I've had a busy BUSY month making cakes. First it was the Noah's ark baptism cake for my cousin, and then TWO baby shower cakes--a baby girl and a baby boy.

Over the years I've made a ton of baby shower cakes (check them all out on Flickr) so sometimes it's hard coming up with new ideas. Luckily I have things like invitation cards and Pinterest to the rescue for inspiration.

Inspired by the invitation
Inspired by this cake, this cake, and my imagination.
(The grey wasn't quite so dark in person as it looks in the photo...)
The girl's baby shower cake was pretty much modeled off the invitation, which was a woodsy pink and brown theme. I absolutely loved the invitation the second I laid eyes on it, so I knew that my cake would have to be based on that.

Bunnies and deer and birds and branches
Closeup of the birdies!
Baby girl Autumn
While I had a lot of built-in inspiration for the girl's baby shower cake, I had absolutely none for the boy's baby shower cake. My cousin's wife literally told me "do whatever you like," so I looked around for some inspiration and put this cake together.

Look at all those presents!!!
I loved the horizontal stripes and 2D elephants I'd seen on cakes. I also love whimsical dots/circles, so decided to throw those on the top layer. Then I decided I'd mix up the grey/blue with a punch of color. I LOVE how the yellow flower really contrasts with the rest of the cake and makes the whole thing POP!

And these elephants--so adorable!

Mom and dad-to-be loved it though, so that's the most important thing.

Yours in decorating,


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