Sunday, October 4, 2015

Supermoon lunar eclipse

I'm just over a week late on this, but wanted to post some pictures of the supermoon lunar eclipse that happened last Sunday, September 27. It was an historic eventwhich hadn't occurred since I was 2 years oldwith the supermoon coinciding with a lunar eclipse. It was also pretty warm that day in Chicago, which for late September makes it another historic event. :)

Plus we live ~15 minute walk to the lakefront, so it was the perfect time to play around with my new toy tripod! Unfortunately a bunch of really dense clouds came through during the eclipse. But luckily they cleared away with enough time for us to see the blood moon, with the whole crowd of people at the lakefront cheering when the moon came back into view. Plus the clouds made for some really gorgeous photos, so it wasn't so bad after all.

Without further ado... let's check out some photos!

The moon rising above clouds while it was still bright outside

Nerding it up!

Moon appears yellow as it rises higher in the sky

Gorgeous reflections off the lake!

Giant moon!

And then the clouds started to roll in.

Moon is still visible at this point...

...but soon it begins to disappear.


Clouds finally cleared for a moment for us to see the eclipse!!

Hints of red begin as the crescent becomes smaller.

Red moon!

Brightest red I was able to capture, though my long exposure time resulted in a blurry picture
because of how quickly the earth and moon are moving

Red fading as the crescent begins again, this time on the opposite side of the moon

Last photo I took before packing up for home

Yours in appreciating the beauty around,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Blood Moon photos! I am impressed with your ability to capture the escense of nature and science with such clarity. From beginning to end and a bit of fun in between. As a lover of the Earth/Moon/Stars/Nature, I felt the awe and wonder as if I were standing on the lake watching as well.

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