Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy (Belated) Anniversary!

One year (and two days) ago was the first real post I ever made for Food-ology!

In that year I've completed my PhD, submitted my paper (twice- still waiting to hear the results...) and gotten a job at a science museum. And in 1 day I turn 30. That's a lotta change in one year!

The blog has also undergone lots of changes/additions recently, especially in the past few weeks.  A new template design, fancy new features AND a recipes page (as of a few hours ago).

Before my recipe page, the only way you could find recipes was through:
1) the Search Box -or-
2) the Blog Archive -or-
3) the Labels
(All are found in the right-hand sidebar) Each have their own advantages/disadvantages, but I wanted a way to actually LIST all my recipes by type.

So as of today, I have a separate recipes page.

The categories are:
* Appetizers/snacks
* Soups
* Veggies/squash
* Pasta/pizza/bread
* Beans/legumes/grains
* Chicken/Poultry
* Assyrian/Middle Eastern
* Dessert (subdivided into candies, cookies, cakes/cupcakes, sweet breads, chocolate/other and cake decorating)
* Sauces/gravies/other
* Non-recipes
* Restaurants

I'm sure I'll add a few more as time goes on (like "Beef/Pork/Fish"), but this is what I have so far.

To access this list, I've created a separate page in my blog. You'll see a link to the page on the right sidebar, under the About Me section and above the Search function.  Just click on "Recipe List (by type)" to get to the recipes page. (See image at right for where to click on the sidebar).

To get back to the blog, just click on the "Home" page or the Food-ology header image.

YEA! Each change to my blog makes me happier and happier....


p.s. If you notice any mistakes in the links, please send me a message so I can correct them.  I did this all in a few hours so I'd expect there to be a few snafus.


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