Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kale chips

And so my kale obsession continues...

This time it's kale chips. A super healthy and delicious snack.

I had these at my friend Veronica's one day and they were awesome. I can't quite even describe them- so I guess you'll just have to try them out for yourself. They're not exactly like chips, but the oven both dehydrates and toasts the leaves for a nice little crunch. And just like chips: you can't eat just one.

This time I used regular 'ole kale, not lacinto kale from recipes before (here and here). It's just as beautiful as lacinto kale, but looks quite different.

Kale is generally pretty hearty, but I'd say the leaves of the lacinto kale were a little bit thicker. So I think the regular kale I used this time is probably a better option than lacinto kale for the chips. But who knows- I'm sure they'd both be delicious.

More pretty pictures of kale, because I can

To make the kale chips, just rip the leaves in bite-sized pieces, rinse and dry (using a salad spinner) and coat with a little bit of olive oil (2-3 tsp) and (seasoned) salt and pepper if you like. Bake on a baking dish at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes until the edges are brown but not burnt. Start keeping an eye on them after ~10 minutes just in case...

My single bunch of kale perfectly fit on my baking dish.

I also managed to eat the ENTIRE bunch. But they were seriously like crack. Once I started eating I just couldn't stop...

Feel free to also add a bit of Parmesan cheese or any other spices you'd like to give the chips an extra kick of flavor. Honestly, I liked them with the simple and clean flavors of salt and olive oil.

Buen Provecho,


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