Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting caught up... and pumpkin delights

I'm in a cleaning mood.

Today I cleaned my kitchen, cleaned my bathroom, cleaned my bedroom and did 3 loads of laundry.

Ahhhhhh, it feels good!

But you know what is a bit of a disaster right now? My computer desktop (as in the virtual one, not the one that my computer sits upon).

One thing my desktop has are a lot of is folders of blog entries I need to write up. Whenever I cook or bake something, I'll take the photos + recipe and put it in a folder on my desktop to remind me to write up the post.

But sometimes those folders just sit there. For weeks. Or months...

Usually once a critical threshold of time has passed I'm no longer motivated to spend the 1+ hours working up the images and attempting to be creative in writing my post. So they languish on my computer desktop.

Until today.

Over the next two weeks I'm going to post these older recipes. But with the holidays and friends visiting and parties and prepping for my trip home to Chicago I just don't have the energy to motivate and do grandiose blog entries.

So I'll keep the entries simple and direct, mostly just my comments/thoughts on the recipe. But to make it fun I'll start every post with a haiku.

Why a haiku? Cuz they're short. And they'll keep my creative juices flowing.

Today's post: pumpkin cupcakes filled with cream cheese frosting, from last Thanksgiving's dinner. I took these to work and was practically accosted by everyone telling me how amazing they were. I don't think I've ever gotten this many compliments on a dessert I've brought to work, so I can pretty much guarantee they're amazing.

Thanksgiving repeat
Oh how deliciously moist
Get in my belly!

* You can get the recipe from my post last year.

* Making them mini-cupcakes is no different than the full version size, other than you have to cook them for less time. I can't remember how long I baked them for though. Something around 15 minutes.

* You'll need maybe 1/4 - 1/2 the amount of frosting when you fill mini cupcakes vs. frost them. 

* Filling the cupcakes makes them SUPER easy to transport since you can just throw them into a container and not worry about ruining the frosting.

* Filling mini cupcakes is easy. Just put your frosting in a piping bag with a regular round tip (small to medium hole). Shove the tip into the cupcakes (from the top) and squeeze the bag until the top of the cupcake "cracks" from the bursting deliciousness inside. (Filling regular sized cupcakes would probably be similar, but for those you might need to get one of those special long tips to fit into the cupcake center.)


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