Sunday, July 17, 2011

M & M cakes

A while back I made this masquerade themed birthday cake for my cousin's friend. Well, turns out someone at the party liked my cake so much she asked me make a cake for her sister's wedding shower!

And it was such a unique idea I couldn't pass it up.

Apparently her sister loves M & Ms, so she wanted the bride and groom to be the M & M characters. Although in this case it was M & A, due to the initials of their names.

The (delicious) bride and groom to-be

These cakes were huge (12" each!) and required a lot more time and energy (and troubleshooting the Chicago heat) than I anticipated for such a "simple" design. But in the end, it came out pretty awesome!

Although these cakes were not the most intricate, they had some surprisingly delicate touches, which I was most proud of. Like the tiara and veil that the bride is wearing.

I textured the veil by rolling the fondant over a piece of lace. 
It's the littlest details that tie the whole thing together.

Both the tiara and the little top hat the groom was wearing were my ideas, and luckily the client liked them too!
Such a dapper man/ M & M / cake!

I also really liked the cartooniness of their faces, especially their eyes. Brought their personalities to life.

My, what long lashes you have!

And if you were wondering just how big these cakes were, my hand should provide a suitable comparison. Required a special trip to Home Depot to buy MDF large enough (3 ft. x 2 ft.) to place the cakes side by side!

I don't have baby hands. The cakes are just that massive.

So although this cake was a bit of a time sink, especially considering I was making another large cake the same week, I can be nothing short of proud with how it came out!

Yours in taking on new challenges, no matter how small or large (and swearing up a storm throughout the process),


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