Monday, December 10, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge- Part 1

At the beginning of the month I told you about a photo a day challenge I was participating in during the month of December. Although I haven't stuck to it 100%, it's been exactly what I've wanted it to be:

A way to document my days. A way to play around with different camera settings on the phone. A way to think outside of the box. A way to think about what a certain theme means to me, and how to portray that in a single snapshot. And ultimately, a way to always look for the beauty around me. 
For example, one of my favorite photos so far came from the Day 4 challenge. I'd been at work all day, then went to the gym in the evening- but I still hadn't taken my black/white photo. So during my walk home, when I'd normally be looking straight ahead and on a mission to get back home as fast as I can, I slowed down. I walked. I looked around me. I stopped and examined how the light hit white stairs, creating interesting architectural shadows. Then I looked at the trees, and saw how the street lights created interesting shadows. And while passing a house I walk by at least once a week-- I saw something different for the first time... and snapped one of my favorite photos.

THAT is exactly what I was looking for when taking on this challenge. So I don't care if I miss a day, or if I post a few days late, or if I combine 2 themes into one photo. It's ultimately my personal challenge, and as long as I'm happy with the outcome, well, that's all that matters.

Day 1 Theme: 8 o'clock
                        Grant writing and dinner

Day 2 Theme: Peace
                        Alex Clare Concert. (Insane work projects were done, grant was
                                                         submitted, and I could finally... just... relax)

Day 3 Theme: Something you held
                        Found fresh passionfruit at the market! Swooooon.

Day 4 Theme: Black + white
                        Evening shadows.

Day 5 Theme: Looking up
                        My office.

Day 6 Theme: From where you live/ your country
                        Wrigley- mere steps away from my place. And nothing says America like baseball. 

Day 7 Theme: Stars [plus]
Day 9 Theme: Out and about (aka what you're doing)
                         Finally got my tree decorated!

Day 10 Theme: Under
                          I'm "foster parenting" 2 cats while a friend who left town finds a
                          permanent home for them. So while they're physically under me,
                          they're also metaphorically under my wing, for the moment. 
                          But don't be surprised if I end up keeping one of them...

So that recaps my first batch of December photos. (Day 8 challenge is yet to come, but I wanted to make sure that was a bit more special...) Maybe not so surprisingly, it covered almost all the big stuff that happened to me this month too. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Yours in channeling her inner artsy self,

p.s. LOOK at this FACE!!!! Cuteness overload! And quite possibly one the sweetest cats I've ever encountered.


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