Friday, August 30, 2013

Pink lady and Bee's knees

For dinner tonight I'm eating a giant plate of edamame.

I tell you that, lest you think I lead this glamorous life of eating scrumptious, home-made delicacies night after night. Sure, once in a while plan ahead for an ambitious meal, or I'm inspired enough to create dinner on a whim. But nowadays, with work madness, I spend most of my nights going out to eat, or scrounging for food. Today, for example, I decided my dinner would be half a bag of Trader Joe's frozen edamame and a Pimm's cup.

Totally normal, right??

One semi-regular thing I've been doing these days though is trying out new cocktails. A while back I decided to splurge at Binny's and finally build myself the bar I've always wanted. I still need a few more liquors to add to my collection (eg, creme de violet to make the oh-so-delicious Aviator cocktail), but so far I've managed to create a delicious rye-based cocktail and a refreshing basil gimlet. But 2 drinks I haven't shared with you yet have been my tequila- and gin-based cocktails.

Pink Lady

This cocktail doesn't really have an official name, but I've decided to call it pink lady. Why? Because I can! Its a very cocktail-y name, no?? I think so. Loosely adapted from Fiola, it's simply 1.5 oz tequila + 1 oz high-quality grenadine (real pomegranate based one only) + 1 oz freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice shaken and served straight. If I had some limes on hand I could have replaced some of the grapefruit juice, but it was deliciously awesome without it.

Bees Knees

A boy I know used to call me Bees Knees. At first I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. But apparently Bees Knees means you're the best, aka completely awesome. I won't argue with him, cuz I am pretty freaking amazing. But this Bees Knees cocktail is pretty bees knees-ish itself!

Adapted from Sassy Radish, it's a simple and refreshing summertime cocktail. Simply take 2 oz gin (Hendricks is my favorite), 1/2 oz freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and 1/2 oz simple syrup (or simple syrup made with equal parts water and honey), and mix it up in a cocktail shaker. Feel free to add a high-quality maraschino cherry (I used Luxarado) if you'd like a nice sweet finish at the end of your drink.

Although I haven't been cooking quite so much these days, I am happy that I'm finally getting use of my bar. Summer is almost over, so gotta keep experimenting with these delicious cocktails!

Yours in attempting to get her money's worth out of her bar investment,


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