Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mac 'n cheese with portobello mushroom

Definition of juxtaposition: to put two things together, especially in order to suggest a link between them, or to emphasize the contrast between them.

Example of juxtaposition: my dinner.

What is it?? Boxed mac 'n cheese with a baked portobello mushroom cap on top. Why?? Because I'm craaazy like that sometimes.

You may remember a while back (when I blogged about deliciously simple homemade mac 'n cheese)  that I said I was avoiding the box mix mac 'n cheese from now on.  And I did.  As much as I loved the powdered cheese product, all the random cr@p and chemicals that go into processed foods like that are something I'm trying to avoid.

And then I went to Whole Foods one day and saw it: Annie's Macaroni and Cheese.  100% real ingredients: no preservatives, no artificial-ness.  The best part- it tastes JUST like the Kraft kind.

So when I'm lazy, or scrounging for dinner, Annie's is my best friend for the night.  Pair that with a delicious oven-baked (or grilled) portobello mushroom and you've got yourself the fanciest ghetto-fabulous dinner ever.

And if Annie's wasn't awesome enough, look at this rainbow I saw one day in the (all-natural) white cheddar cheese powder.

I've now seen the light: Annie's is the way to go. So just like before, I've always got a backup box in my pantry for those "special" occasions.

Buen Provecho,


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