Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby shower cake

A few weeks ago I shared with you all a wedding cake I made for a classmate.  Well today I share a baby shower cake I made for a classmate.

Note: The wedding and baby shower cakes were NOT made for the same classmate. :)
Note #2: Apparently baby shower cakes are my thing, because I previously made this one for a girl and this one for a group of boys.

I started grad school when I was 24, and 6 years later I've seen my classmates go through love and heartache and engagements and weddings, although not necessarily in that order. When we started most of us were single. Today, the majority are either married, engaged or well on their way.

And now, we can add pregnancy to that list of life's milestones!

My classmate "M" and her husband are seriously one of the most perfectest couples I've known. They've been with each other for almost half of their lifetimes... and yet they're only 30. That time together gives them this obvious ease and comfort with each other, yet it's clear that they're still very much in love.

So when M told us they were expecting I was beyond happy for them. And when another friend and I threw them a baby shower, well, of course I had to make the cake.

It's a baby taking a shower for the baby shower. Get it?? Hardy har har!
And I love the little dimples baby's knuckles make with their little fat
hands so I had to replicate that teeniest detail.

Click on the first thumbnail for a fancy slideshow of more cake pictures!


Aren't they adorable? And I just know they'll both make amazing parents.

If you're wondering what the hand picture is all about, well, it was a way to document my awesome fondant skin-tone coloring skills. They're actually saving the figurine and I'm waiting in anticipation to see how well I predicted their baby boy to look!

Yours in ever expanding families and friendships,

p.s. Interested in how the cake actually tasted? Intrigued for more recipes?? Well, you'll have to stay tuned until next week...

p.s.s. To properly give credit where credit is due, the idea for this cake was not mine, but stolen from an awesome cake decorator I found on Flickr


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I think your replica was much better than the original!!! -Marina :)

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