Sunday, November 20, 2011

A bit behind, and a celebration cake

A few days ago I organized my computer desktop and I found over 30 recipes that I'd made in the past year (or two) that just never made it into Foodology. Yes, over 30 recipes!!

And they didn't not make it in because they weren't good enough (triple negative for the win!). On the contrary, many of these recipes were freaking delicious. It's more likely that things got busy or I got lazy and I just never got around to posting them. Then, as days or weeks go by, I have less and less motivation to work up an "old" recipe, and so to de-clutter my desktop, I throw it into a folder called "Recipes to type up for BLOG!" 

I may as well call that folder "The Death of Blog Posts" because once they go in it's rare that they make it out to see the light of day...

My poor, sad, neglected recipes.

So I'm hoping in the next month or so that I can revive some of these old recipes. Some I don't have pictures for (or the ones I have are simply unappetizing), so don't be surprised if posts show up with photos completely unrelated to the final dish. I got a new camera lens, a book on food photography, and an iPhone with fun photography apps, so I may be throwing in some "practice shots" for fun.

My new toy, taken with my new toy!

But this post isn't just about my procrastination and excessive spending habits- it's about cake!!

My company's 10th anniversary was this past week, and I was asked to make the cake for our 50 employees. Luckily we have in-house designers and one of them gave me a life-sized printout of our anniversary logo.

So with some help from a coworker and a few hours with an exacto knife, I was able to whip up this bad boy.

Seeing that I started my job a whopping 3.5 months ago, 
all I can take credit for is the fondant work

Not too shabby when you compare my cake to the original logo

And don't let my little pictures fool you. This guy was a behemoth! Just the company logo in the "0" was as big as my hand.

This cake weighed at least 10 pounds

And if you're interested in what the cake flavors were, I managed to turn 2, two-layered (9" x 13") cakes into 4 different combinations: Guinness Chocolate Cake with regular or coffee buttercream and Yellow cake with buttercream or raspberry filling (also referred to as "that delicious berry goo" by a coworker)

The makings of a giant cake

And because I had too much fun with my new iPhone photo apps, here's an artsy pic of the cake

Yours in celebrating your employer's milestones,

Recipes, for your eating pleasure

The super dense, beer-y, chocolate cake can be found from an old post of mine
Note: The recipe, as written, makes just a leetle bit too much batter for a 9 x 13" pan. So make a few extra cupcakes or an extra 6" cake with the leftover batter.

The yellow cake I made was Smitten Kitchen's best birthday cake. My favorite yellow cake recipe though is from Cooks Illustrated. It cooks up a bit flatter though, which is why I didn't make it this time. But both recipes can be found in another old post of mine.

The swiss meringue buttercream recipe I use is from Sweetapolita. I have a normal sized KitchenAid mixer, so I cut the recipe down by 1/4 (use 12 egg whites instead of 16, and adjust other ingredients accordingly). Now I just have to figure out what to do with 12 frozen egg yolks...

And finally, the raspberry filling is the easiest and most delicious recipe out there and uses almost nothing else except frozen raspberries. You can find it from an old post of mine where I made a giant wedding cake.


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