Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby shower carriage cake

I'm a magnet these days.

Nope, not a magnet for jobs. Although I do have a job interview lined up for next week (!)
Nope, not a magnet for hot dudes. Although I do have a date lined up for next week (!!)

So what exactly am I a magnet for these days??

Pregnant women.

I swear. In the past year I can't even tell you how many women I know that have either had a baby or are in the process of incubating one. I guess that's what happens when you're 31 years old and have lots of friends and cousins of the same age.

I, of course, am far, far (very far) away from babies. But in the meantime, I can enjoy the great news from all my friends and family who are expanding their own families. And in the meantime, I can make cake.

I've shared three baby shower cakes in the past (for a boy, for a girl, and for multiple boys) and today I share with you one more.

It's a baby boy!

I threw this cake together quite quickly (2 hours from start to finish once the cakes were baked) so it's not my greatest masterpiece. But it wasn't too bad!

Carriage close up. 

Side decoration

The mom-to-be's favorite cake was red velvet, which I've only made once before (for another baby shower incidentally). I found that recipe to be a tiny bit dry, so I wanted to try out another recipe. But this one, I dunno, I wasn't very happy with the result. While it was moist, it was really dense, almost brownie-like, so although it wasn't bad, it wasn't great.

I have a theory as to why the cake was a semi-failure, but I'll have to test that theory again before sharing the recipe with all of you.

In the meantime, I'll keep making more baby cakes... and taking dibs on whose next.

*not it!

Yours in celebrating other people's baby making abilities,


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